Thursday, October 21, 2010

Geology of gold abacus help more cattle supplies Ox

January 2009, good information coming new year, the Guangdong in Guangzhou, capital goods and gold abacus head strong combination, the introduction of gold abacus 8E/ERP system of geological materials in Guangdong to build new and efficient information management platform.

Guangdong Materials Corporation, formerly Geology Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau of Guangdong Province, material supply management, overall system performance unit supplies and productive asset management functions. The company has nearly 20 agents of large, very large domestic and foreign enterprises products; main products include geological exploration and infrastructure construction and drilling tools, geological special seamless steel tubes and other products are mainly exported to Guangdong Province and exported to Southeast Asia and non- states and other countries, the company has for several years over 100 million yuan sales volume.

As a large-scale materials export enterprises in Guangdong, the Guangdong Geological Materials Corporation is also from 1993, to meet the reform and opening up and market economic development up until the establishment of its business and financial management systems are developed independently in early, by the growing popularity of the company scale is also growing, this outmoded management systems can not adapt to enterprise development. Particular business processes that exist in the data is inaccurate, unfair business processes so the problem has a serious impact on leadership and management decision-making. Plus the second half of 2008, swept the global financial tsunami also seriously affected the company's business development of geological materials at this time of Guangdong enterprises not only face the challenge of peers, but also the face of the global economic downturn, especially the sharp decline in foreign orders such multiple pressures. Breeding in the management of the enterprise has made enemies on both inside and outside Guangdong geological materials, into multiple difficulties, then, to find a suitable business development of information management systems is urgent.

By examining the domestic and foreign management and analysis software, several software solutions to companies, Golden Abacus with advanced technology, mature products, widely used and convenient service to win the Geology of Materials Group, the project team of the same information recognition of geological materials in Guangdong gold abacus 8E/ERP final choice build enterprise management software based information management platform.

Today, the project is intense for them, with the implementation of the continuous extension of the Guangdong Geological Materials Group, the financial operations of materials management will be more smooth, more perfect. The total charge of the project, said Wong Kim Abacus product perfect and has extensive experience in project implementation and hope that through this cooperation with the gold abacus to help Guangdong Geological Materials Corporation in less booming economic environment, the play adversity spirit, and ensure a better development of the New Year.

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Comments: Haier bid for Maytag out of mountains and rivers to be epigenetic re-

This topic is not accurate or appropriate? I was somewhat hesitant. Haier bid for Maytag in all the worries and concerns when the draw is now finally a full stop of the. Mattel announced that Haier and its partners and the Blackstone Group has withdrawn BainCapital on Maytag bid.

Although experts say the withdrawal is wise Haier is a sign of maturity. But I guess, Haier is not willing to return losing so. After all, the road is an international firm to ruin Haier, Haier has only entered the world on the poor 200 million five hundred, Haier has always wanted to be able to walk the road of internationalization better, more solid number, which is trying to conduct international One of the reasons for bidding.

But now this idea has been temporarily grounded. Haier has too many worries and concerns, after all, it is not a private or joint-stock enterprise, it is a state-controlled enterprises. Haier worried about price, the complexity of integrating the two companies, and U.S. political opposition. As the bidding war for Maytag, Whirlpool added, prices rising, this is one of the reasons Haier withdrawal. When the purchase price than expected, the Haier certainly prudent to treat the.

Haier on the acquisition of great concern in U.S. political circles disturbed. The concern is that Chinese companies to acquire a landmark prospects for U.S. companies might arise. Haier also plans to implement aspects of the business concerned. The business plan ready to keep the United States and Thailand in the U.S. sales and distribution team, while the low-cost manufacturing shifted to China. However, the idea was well-organized trade union opposition to Mattel employees.

Gluing together the various factors, Haier's bid to create pressure and more and more, ultimately forcing Haier chose to give up. Although the bid for Haier to give up, but we also see the gradual maturation of Haier, the inappropriate timing of the next, rather than rush to make a choice, not as quietly observe, carefully screened, after all, the road of internationalization is not in this time . Haier's prudence is a kind of confidence in the future, a greater opportunity for accumulation.

Economic model of globalization has become a trend in the internationalization of Chinese enterprises has been extended on out here, either TCL or Lenovo have started to explore and try this. Their success and problems encountered are in fact many newcomers warning, strange path to success, but the best for them is the most successful.

As netizens said: Haier is undoubtedly a very good business. However, this kind of problem can not but seriously, Haier also need to hone. After all, he and Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, General Motors, Siemens and other companies in the world compared with a prevalence in the industry is still a "child." He continues to grow, he has to temper. Haier will choose to believe the road for the acquisition of international action series, only to find more suitable opportunities. In this way, Haier is just not possible to taste. Do not believe that we will wait and see.

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Write a bean class criteria (2)

Then, if broadcast events from the bean class, it must listen for events to track the object. To do this, you need to define the listener instance variables and addListener and removeListener methods. Back source, for example, you will see that:

private Vector listeners = new Vector ();




public void addFireworksListener (FireworksListener f)


listeners.addElement (f);


public void removeFireworksListener (FireworksListener f)


listeners.removeElement (f);


Finally, bean class needs to correct the actual number will broadcast the event to all listeners. To do this, you need to define the processEvent method and call it the appropriate number of times, for example:

public void processFireworksEvent (FireworksEvent e)


for (Enumeration enum = listeners.elements (); enum.hasMoreElements ();)

((FireworksListener) enum.nextElement ()). Exploded (e);


public void run ()





processFireworksEvent (new FireworksEvent (this, FireworksEvent.EXPLODED));


Tips and tricks

If you want to create a product class Bean, please remember do first eight things:

So that the smaller the bean the better, but pay attention to whether the current browser support small bean

bean may lead to tools for delay, and then cause the browser to lag, leading to delayed JDK itself. If you have Shiyong cutting edge class, or The nature of bean bean large, you should Kaolv you the bean as a plug-in, and in a self-contained jar in Fasong it, or Ruyoukeneng, giving it its own in Small installation process. You will lose some of the advantages of a small bean:

Web administrators must be more than one step: to remind users to browse Web pages must be downloaded and installed before you install the program jar or

Web surfers must also be more than one step: before browsing the Web page to download and install your jar or installer.

Can be translated to your bean

Translation of all text, including bean name and a brief description of its characteristics, divided into. Properties file. JAR wizard will do this for you.

You need to remember two things and yourself are: characteristics of editors and customizers. Custom device, the dialog box select the features editor or features editor all the terms, such as high, medium and low, must be separated for the translations. Ideally, you can actually translate bean and Bean in the jar to provide a variety of languages. Properties file. However, if you provide at least the local language. Properties file, then third-party translation for your bean.

In the list of documents for the bean specified Depends-On: tag

The Bean's jar all the files marked as "run-time needs vs. Only in the editing needs." In the run-time needs of all the files listed in the jar manifest file will be dependent on: After the label. JAR wizard release tag to make this operation very simple and allows you access to the right of the list of files.

If you do not specify depends on: tags, tool will assume that all documents are required at run time. This download performance (such as unnecessary to download the editor and other features only required in editing the paper) is very good.

Gives you a clear choice for the size of bean

bean will achieve getPreferredSize method to use when the first structure may be defined keyword feature, it's good. If in the first place when, bean is 0 x 0 pixels, the user may be confused. When the change keyword features, the preferred size should work. For example, if the bean has a vertical and horizontal directions between the conversion feature, the preferred size should be written in order to adjust itself.

Specify the default properties for the bean

Using JavaBean specification part of the default properties, it will make your bean in some tools easy to use. JAR wizard to make this operation easier and you get the BeanInfo for the right.

Specified for the bean and the characteristics of a brief non-technical name and a brief description

Looking for a brief non-technical name in place of lengthy technical jargon. For example, instead of using sum interval accumulatorInterval. Please also note that features were expressed preference to lower-case characters and words in the spaces between the leaves, it will be more for the user-friendly.

Narrow the scope of the user visible features

To provide a clear bean BeanInfo for each instance variable does not appear as bean properties, and do not show each method of operation for the Bean. JAR wizard to make this operation easier and you get the BeanInfo for the right.

For the bean specified large icons and small icons

Finally, Bean offers a large (32x32) and small (16x16) color icon. Moreover, to ensure that the icon has a different gray transparent background. Although rarely used, you should develop to provide the customary black and white icon. JAR wizard palette tab to make this operation easier, and make you get the BeanInfo.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

HP: There are a sequel to the legendary Silicon Valley

Two weeks ago, was seen on television in China HP will celebrate its 20th anniversary song, warm and lively scene, unexpectedly announced its U.S. headquarters two days after the 1.45 million job cuts. At first glance unexpected, is expected.

Late last year Lenovo bought IBM's PC business, I am in the "Digital Age" published a column entitled "Lenovo and IBM, HP, Acer, win lose," said the impact of this acquisition by IBM but HP is not the greatest , not Lenovo, but the biggest benefit from Acer. In the PC has been reduced to cut-throat business, in addition to Dell making money first, second third of IBM, HP and carry in death.

1999, appointed Chief Executive Officer 鍗¤帀鑿插ゥ鐟?singular appeal Na, not only did not reduce the PC business, but contrarian overweight, in 2001, the acquisition of Compaq Computer, recklessly with Dell, HP laid decline in future seed.

And the same for U.S. companies to go direct to Dell, but compared to the HP distribution channel costs go higher, and Lenovo and Acer in Asia compared to HP's personnel costs are also high, does not create any large advantage, PC business has become the HP's burden.

Mission in February of this year in the way Carly was fired without warning, and in July announced a worldwide wave of layoffs, that HP's PC on the previous error correction expansion strategy, which although not coming for the association, but the Lenovo acquisition of IBM was forced to HP to action.

Hewlett-Packard and Dell to put them together, will be far clearer. Hewlett-Packard in 2004 a turnover of 79.9 billion U.S. dollars, higher than Dell's 49.2 billion U.S. dollars; HP's pre-tax profit was 4.4 billion U.S. dollars, also higher than Dell's 4.2 billion. However, if more profit, Hewlett-Packard 5.5%, Dell lost 8.5%, surprising Wall Street, HP's market value to 71.4 billion U.S. dollars, while Dell is the 100 billion U.S. dollars.

Why? Dell is a monopoly because the company PC, and make money, but HP is not the monopoly PC, in its six business groups, the fall turnover of PC is 24.6 billion U.S. dollars, profits of only 210 million U.S. dollars, profit margin is only 0.9%. This is the real gap between Dell and Hewlett-Packard, Dell sell PC's profit margin was 8.5%.

However, the open view, HP's printers and cartridges are star business - turnover of 24.2 billion U.S. dollars, profit 3.8 billion U.S. dollars, close to Dell, the whole company. Hewlett-Packard printers and cartridges account for 30% of total turnover, earnings accounted for 90%, if not because of this business, HP can only be considered second-rate company.

If the printer and cartridge set up independent companies for its profitability than Dell's point of view, the market value should be close to Dell will reach 100 billion U.S. dollars. But HP's current market value of only 71.4 billion U.S. dollars, which means that the other five combined market value of the business group is negative. Wall Street's strong demand over the past five years, Hewlett-Packard for the second division, is to resolve this conflict. HP's first division in 1999, the measuring instrument out of the establishment of an independent cause of Agilent (Agilent).

HP's problem is not only a split second, it is the biggest problem is the external environment changes, it changes the mentality of too slow, too heavy and the light performance.

October 1997, I was invited to San Francisco for Hewlett-Packard at the "development potential" activities, their main purpose is to HP's brand from the industrial electronics products into the consumer electronics products, and strive for greater market. That party was fun, band, champagne, lights, balloons and wearing a sexy female star over, but wait until the power turns HP's high-level speech, the atmosphere becomes obtrusive, the group of serious speech suit the elderly appearance, not at all would not people have fun, young, new imagination, and they have to pass that feeling to be responsible for the average consumer.

"Expanding possibilities" introduced the world indifferent miserably, but HP's decision is correct, it should be approached the average consumer, rather than in the past only and hospitals, research institutions and companies dealing with the then outstanding printer and the cartridge has made this point. Hewlett-Packard in 1999, independent from Agilent, and very attractive external Carly at the helm, to create a new image, from the strategic point of view is correct.

The problem came to power too early in the meet Hewlett-Packard Carly tradition later too arbitrary. I am in November 2000 to HP headquarters in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, an interview, Carly found the first chair the board before the site deliberately to move back to the first meeting of the two founders of the Office of the desk to show respect ; then then the two founders of the venture in 1939 to buy back the garage, as a memorial, and re-set "Garage Code", the original spirit of re-packaging company, to give a new meaning: a win and a shining soul electronics (A winning e-Company with shining soul). As to what this means, I asked HP's vice president of several utilities, the answer is no consensus.

If Carly successful, these re-forms of action are not the problem, the problem is her series of policy decisions, including the acquisition of Compaq in order to fight against Dell, hot pursuit of IBM's e-business launch of e-service, and the king of EMC storage device divides its own push memory, each project is market challenges of the Mother of hard living her second child, and even later still, and Kodak digital camera joint venture last year, HP also introduced its own mobile phone, the strategy was out of focus.

According to Carly's idea, after the cameras and cell phones can be connected to the printer through a wireless transmission, direct printing, it is not wrong, and certainly more than to sell HP printers will be so, but why does it have their own cameras and cell phones? Sell-off Sony cameras win, win over Nokia phones sold it? This is another behind the boss's hard to challenge those errands.

Over the past 6 years, HP will fall into another's home to snatch children to get into, not as successful, but rather their own backyard fire. Canon and Epson printers and HP market share gap is narrowing, IBM also introduced printers, Dell printers are also faster listing.

HP is the first established company in Silicon Valley, has been a legend, but the market will not give it 6 years, if not transferred back right, replace the CEO and the layoff news, not only once.



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Zhou Chengyu Court hematemesis: die in the end to fight a lawsuit

Zhou Chengyu suddenly Koupen blood, lawyers quickly help him to sit down.

Huang Ching-handed v. sued the ASUS one time man told Zhou Chengyu fraud

Zhou Chengyu court hematemesis

Yesterday, Huang Jing Zhou Chengyu agents and lawyers filed suit against Chaoyang Fu Zhanping to claim 1 million lawsuit ASUS applications, Zhou Chengyu suddenly vomit blood, the court then open a green channel expedited. At the same time, a man with Zhou Chengyu charges of fraud reported to the Public Security Bureau Chaoyang. Continuous coincidence, the case for more complicated and confusing, although he v. Asustek.

鈼?Location: Chaoyang Court

鈼?Time: 2 pm yesterday

Zhou Chengyu hematemesis court to open green channels

Huang Jing's agent and attorney Fuzhan Ping Zhou Chengyu, Chaoyang Court came together to discuss the court to submit to the ASUS reputation of filing claims 1 million applications in Arranging to take the plane number, Zhou Chengyu and lawyers into the receiving hall, waiting. While many people were waiting for the time, just working with the lawyers to talk to Zhou Chengyu suddenly Koupen blood, so that people inside the hall astonishment. A reporter gave Zhou Chengyu paper towels, wipe his mouth of blood, in the lawyer's leading scorer, Zhou Chengyu sit down, several conditions have emerged vomiting. Although he has said nothing and refused to call an ambulance, but pale, holding a tissue residence not shake hands.

Chaoyang Court staff hold first aid kit immediately came and asked Zhou Chengyu's condition, a little quiet Zhou Chengyu, said they have symptoms of pulmonary aortic valve closure, they will not need treatment. Court staff open a green channel after 5 minutes in advance to accept the window for lawyers to submit applications. During the counsel, could not help shake the hand of Zhou Chengyu, looking very uncomfortable, when reporters asked about his condition, Zhou Chengyu begged him not to report the incidence, the "please everyone's attention the case itself, I should die in the end to fight a lawsuit." Does not to 20 minutes, sunrise, although he courts the litigation request Zhou Chengyu a television interview before he left.

鈼?Location: Chaoyang Public Security Bureau

鈼?Time: 3 pm yesterday

Report Zhou Chengyu, a man entrusted with fraud

On the admissibility in court proceedings, although he requested the same time, less than 3 km away in the Public Security Bureau Chaoyang placed on file the hall, a young man surnamed Zhang was also reported to the police authorities to submit a material fraud against Zhou Chengyu. According to Mr. Zhang introduced, he was Zhou Chengyu the company's employees witnessed Zhou Chengyu notebook components by way of exchange fraud, "then when I shop in Zhongguancun, also he fooled the same way." In the media since the Zhou Chengyu Since the appearance, Mr. Zhang concerned with the matter, which he found on the Internet there are many complaints have been Zhou Chengyu fool, he immediately contacts with the parties and the party authorized to receive 5 report. "I think you can not let ASUS wronged, let Zhou Chengyu lie was."

Two weeks ago, Zhou Chengyu Huang Ching-agent ASUS consumption in the Haidian court accepted the day of fraud, prosecute Zhou Chengyu Wang Jinhai owed creditors also were entertained. Yesterday, it appeared almost similar to the scene. Zhang, accompanied with a report in addition to a lawyer, another a man was doing in television program on the spot when the fraud of Mr Zeman rejected Zhou Chengyu. Mr Zeman said that because of Huang Jing Wang Jinhai, and Zhang and his case and get to know, just wanted to Zhou Chengyu discussion to their own loss.

Zhou Chengyu: incriminate himself, although he was guilty

In the complaint submitted to the court in Chaoyang, Zhou Chengyu does not hold itself as a plaintiff, but also did not appear as an agent. "Zhou Chengyu is a bad guy." Zhou Chengyu said it so many people look at him, and alleged that he orchestrated the whole affair, although he manipulated. Zhou Chengyu, said the accusations against him because of the outside world, although he also implicated by a lot of abuse, he is guilty. Zhou Chengyu, although he charged that, in the same time, another report said he was the victim of fraud, the depressed and said that: "Maybe one day I am not an agent of Huang Jing, but I will insist in the end."

Asustek Computer's call the Joint Information Hua Jie (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Haidian Branch, front reception of media personnel that a business trip, can not be undone.


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Friday, July 30, 2010

Panasonic conceal excessive cadmium physical examination of those employees actually

April 19, Pan was finally finished that separation procedures. When he left the job half a year plant in Wuxi Matsushita Battery Co., Ltd., the legs as heavy as trekking in the swamp. Gave him the feeling that can not be relieved, is in the company's employees together with "excessive cadmium" event.

This case concerns the 5300's production safety. As the company's vice minister of personnel, to participate in the Pan "cadmium" incident handling the whole process. Perhaps because of the company should have some responsibility for this, he was the factory grounds to dismiss the probation period to be incomplete. Now, he decided to tell the whole thing.

In an interview, Pan Panasonic batteries over the years to provide a detection of urinary cadmium exceeded the staff list, some of whom still have no knowledge at the time of separation, and even some people in the body where excessive levels of cadmium have been married.

Events hidden in fact been planted in 2003, until the end of 2006, Panasonic battery management has been on the medical staff to conceal the true results. "This is a violation of" Occupational Disease Prevention Law "behavior," Pan was said, "because the consequences of mismanagement have been held responsible."

Should not sign the agreement signed

More than a decade of experience in Pan European and American companies as, at October 8, 2006 into the Wuxi Matsushita Battery Co., Ltd. served as deputy minister.

October 20, the plant doctors to report to the Pan to his signature, is about August 2006 to September period, the staff involved in urinary cadmium cadmium plant medical report.

Ministry of Health issued in accordance with the "diagnostic criteria of occupational cadmium poisoning" (GBZ17-2002), cadmium in urine measured twice in the 5渭g / g creatinine or more, can be observed as an object.

Panasonic Battery medical staff in 2006 by the Wuxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention, when the examination results show that 10 employees in 5 or more indicators of urinary cadmium, but the company said that year released the results of physical examination, physical examination for all eligible employees.

Pan asked to sign before the plant doctors, "This is not fraud it?" "Plant doctors tell me that had previously been done, staff will not know. Urinary cadmium above the staff will arrange 5 transfer Kong, will drop over time indicators down. "

Pan was later learned that since 2003, Panasonic batteries every year, arrange medical staff, medical examination results are published each year for all qualified, but each employee was not informed of specific medical indicators. "This is the practice of chief has been signed, anyway, there are more leaders should sign the above, you'll be all signed." Listening 杩欑暘 "mental" if Pan was also afraid of becoming a leading trouble unhappy , "signed on in the report should not sign the agreement."

People should not have signed for a person not only Pan, Matsushita Battery a lot of managers have been doing this should not do.

Event Origin

The fuse for the entire event from one province an excessive cadmium battery manufacturer news. In the nickel-cadmium battery production workshop, the inhalation of cadmium dust may cause kidney damage.

Participate in the work stoppages staff Panasonic battery recalls, Mr. T, one day last December, two sets of CCTV broadcast a special report of the battery manufacturers, when Mr. T colleagues received a text message, "Look central two sets of , life-threatening. "

Cadmium in that the harm to human body after, T began to wear two masks Mr work. Prior to this, Panasonic battery disposable surgical masks, T said, "This is the state the relevant provisions of the labor protective equipment does not match."

The next day, part of Jiangsu, local media reproduced the report of the battery manufacturer. Pan for the relevant reports will be published in a newspaper brought to the company, and by the managing director to general manager. But "the company did not respond."

December 15, a workshop involving the management of cadmium in two workshops to reflect the plant doctors, employees are worried about their cadmium content in the body, requesting information on medical conditions. Thus, cadmium hazards employees began to spread.

In 2007 after New Year's Day, January 4 evening, T Cd composition workshop where Mr. Jiti staff lay-off, asked company to employees view the original urinary cadmium medical Bao Gao, "in this Zhi Qian, the company only allow our electronic version of the medical report to see . " Mr. T said.

Since then, the entire factory staff be added to the suspension of work force, the factory and lay-off by increasing intensification of the conflict, while that of urinary cadmium exceeded their employees more and more.

Game of the factory staff and the final return for a re-examination of the conduct, Panasonic batteries are also working to improve environmental and labor protection products to make a commitment. Until January 11, lay-off people can go back to work.

Outstanding Board

Work stoppages began, Matsushita Battery was brought in on January 5 for occupational medical clinic in Wuxi City, head of CDC, to the staff on cadmium and cadmium poisoning associated with excessive and differences.

Cadmium poisoning identified a number of indicators, in addition to urinary cadmium measurements, depend on urinary 尾2-microglobulin levels and urinary retinol binding protein, combined with the observed clinical diagnosis to the end.

The expert said that the staff positions should be arranged Cd 4 check: pre-service inspection, undergo inspection prior to each regular inspection and necessary special inspection. Company only regularly scheduled annual inspection.

Appears in the Pan for the Panasonic Battery the most serious problem is not a real medical staff informed of the results of cadmium exceeded those who were said to medical clearance, which is "occupational disease prevention," Article 32 does not match.

This reporter to the Matsushita Electric (China) Co., Ltd. confirmation, time of this writing, the person has not replied.

Work stoppages occurred, Matsushita Battery employees from January 13 onwards dispatched to Changzhou, Nanjing, CDC medical examination. Of which 20 were indicators of cadmium in urine for more than two in five have a human retinol binding protein in urine exceeded the same time. Matsushita Battery has not given these people approach.

However, the Matsushita battery plant to operate the two dust collection machines, total ventilation increased by 80,000 cubic meters / hour. 3M Protective Equipment replacement masks and rubber (20940,80,0.38%) gloves. This is the Panasonic battery made several changes. The company also plans to terminate the end of 2007 the production of nickel-cadmium batteries.

A Panasonic batteries on January 12, "Safety Production Supervision Bureau of the minutes" display, Wuxi safety supervision system, an official said, "cadmium oxide in human lung and so influential, so do not separate urine cadmium data."

"With the continuous development of new products, new compounds emerging, people of understanding of occupational diseases a time process, control and Baohuzongshi behind the development needs." Pan Speaking, said Shi Jian truth is like the Chinese do not want to the production of more and more security.


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ApecSoft Audio Stripper

ApecSoft Audio Stripper is a powerful audio ripper for video. It can rip audio from almost all video formats, e.g. DivX, XviD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, MOV, VOB,FLV,SWF,3GP,3G2,MP4, SVCD, VCD to MP3,OGG,AMR,AAC,WAV formats. Also you can use ApecSoft Audio Stripper to convert your other format audio music to these formats herein. Only a few steps, You can get the high quality audio(music) promptly.
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(2). Support more popular input video formats:avi,mov,vob(dvd),MPEG,MPG, wmv(wmv1,wmv2), asf, flv, swf and so on.

(3). You can use the recommended default settings or set parameters of the audio codec by your need.

(4). Support to convert popular audio formats(e.g. wma) to mp3, ogg, aac, amr, wav to play on mobile device..

(5). Support batch conversion.

(6). Simple GUI and very EASY to use.

(7). Lifetime FREE Technical Support and FREE upgrade . Free trial download 30 day money back guarantee

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